Spanish for Foreigners

E-Learning Program with Virtual Classroom

Spanish for Foreigners




This course is aimed at those interested in taking a Long-Distance Spanish Language Training Program. It has been developed for international students who would like to join in a fully virtual environment. How Does It Work?
Virtual Classroom: you sign up for the course chosen and make use of this e-learning tool where they will find grammar and communication lessons. Here below the most interesting e-learning tools:
Whiteboard: to upload PPT docs, internet links and videos.
Chat: to interact with the tutor and classmates
Headsets and microphone: you will need this device to talk and listen. Your oral skills are strongly enhanced: you are permanently invited to speak Spanish and you have a unique opportunity to listen to native speakers on a regular basis.

Why to choose a long-distance Spanish Language Training Course?

  • It is self-paced
  • Highly interactive and exciting
  • Lessons over a virtual classroom
  • You access to your scheduled class just with a click
  • Reduced costs (no travelling or accommodation expenses)
  • Access to your class session from any location
  • The best way to learn a language with a native speaker

All in all, we blend the internet environment with telephoning to offer you a virtual long-distance course whose objective is to make most use of this state-of-the art e-learning technology.

We Wish You A Great Day!