Proofreading of Texts

Spanish - English

Proofreading of Texts

APK Translation Bureau is equipped with professional proofreaders and copyeditors in English, French, and Spanish, to ensure your message gets through on an accurate and precise basis, taking into account the communicative situation and culture involved as well as the academic rules and stylebooks. From the linguistic point of view, our work consists specifically in fixing errors affecting the following rules:


  •     Orthography: punctuation, capital letters, abbreviations, use of italics, etc.
  •     Morphology: number, gender, conjugation of verbs, etc.
  •     Syntax: subject-verb agreement, ambiguity, use of the gerund, etc.
  •     Lexis: Anglicism, Gallicisms, neologisms, lexical consistency, omissions, deletions, etc.


We proofread and fix a wide range of texts including but not limited to:


  •     Websites
  •     Advertising: conferences, seminars, courses
  •     Mass Media: newspapers, magazines, press releases
  •     Academy: thesis, papers
  •     Corporate literature: brochures, product specifications



Editing of Academic Texts

APK Translation Bureau proofreads and edits academic texts such as articles, thesis, and papers. Our work consists specifically in macro-editing and micro-editing of texts from different discipline fields for publication.

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