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Alejandra Patricia Karamanian is a

Certified Sworn Translator (Catholic University of Buenos Aires),
Copy Editor and Proofreader of the Spanish Language (Advanced Linguistic Studies Institute Litterae, and Fundéu, (Argentina and Spain),
holds an M. A. in Teaching Spanish for Foreigners (University of El Salvador, Argentina), and is certified as a Posteditor (TAUS, The Netherlands).

 She was awarded a scholarship to do the M.A. by the Association of Sworn Translators (CTPCBA, Argentina) for her professional and academic background.

 Professional Career

She works as an independent translator and instructor in legal, business, humanities, social sciences, and international relations fields. She administers courses for translators at AATI, the New York University (NYU) for the English to Spanish Translation Program, Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ecuador (ATIEC), and Spanish courses for foreigners on her own e-learning platform.


Her working languages are Spanish, English, and French.


She holds a professional license awarded by the CTPCBA, is a member of the Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters (AATI, Argentina), and was named in 2014, academic contributor of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language (ANLE, Washington, DC). She is also a member of the lexicography team under the direction of supervision of the Vice-president of the Argentine Academy of Letters.

 Speaker at national and international conferences

She has participated as a speaker at conferences at national and international sites such as the First Conference on the Spanish Language held at the Library of Congress in Washington DC (June 2014), Conference on Language and Tourism in Buenos Aires (September 2014), V Latin American Congress on Translation and Interpretation (April 2016).

 US Spanish

As part of her research project on US Spanish, last June 2015 she made interviews in the Washington Post, New York; Department of Hispanic Studies of the Library of Congress, Washington DC; and the Observatory of the Spanish Language, Harvard University, Cambridge.

 Lexicography project

She is working on updating a Cobuild Dictionary of the Spanish Language under the supervision of the Vice-President of the Argentine Academy of Letters, Argentina.

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